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True Colours

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A rainbow is not afraid of showing its true colours
because it knows it is beautiful inside out.
Matshona Dhliwayo

You guys have known me for a while. Apart from that one unfortunate incident when an open fizzy cooldrink landed upside down IN my handbag, in the parking lot of Builder’s Warehouse, I’m not one to talk much about hardware stores. So, the other day, as I marched purposefully into Builder’s Warehouse, it was unusual, to say the least. I was on a mission. My task? To discover... not my true nature, no siree. I was there to discover my true colour.

Sam Adams rocks! He discovered he is no black man. His true colour turns out to be Chocolate Indulgence! Mine is... well, it’s complicated. I seem to be rather a mixed palette.

The first obstacle was deciding where exactly to match my skin tone. I live in Richards Bay. It’s hot. The outside of my arms are way browner than the inside bits. Once I started looking, I discovered that my face and palms are completely different tones and textures. At which point I completely lost focus and hurtled down the, -‘Oh my word, who am I really?’- rabbit hole.

We often think of the meaning of life as being something mystical, something to be attained only while sitting cross-legged, alone, in a cave, on a mountain top, eating nothing but nettle soup. However, understanding the way things are can be a rather ordinary experience. When we examine anything with curiosity, it quickly becomes apparent that things are not as they seem. Black and white are minuscule options within the colourful spectrum of life... something easily confirmed in any paint store, for the skeptics out there!

None of us are entirely good or entirely bad, in fact, even trying to define good and bad for ourselves, leads into murky waters. The moment we start getting to know ourselves and what we are really made of, we find it virtually impossible to pin ourselves down. We are neither this nor that, nor not quite this, and most definitely not that.

Practically, this is good news! It means that the way it is, is not the way it has to be. We can change. We can grow. And we are constantly evolving. Not only are we a rainbow nation, to my delight, I discovered I am a rainbow body, beautiful inside and out. A myriad of ever changing sights and sounds, colours, expressions, moods and desires, and so are we all. Living with this understanding, makes us less certain of right and wrong and a lot more open to the extraordinary creative, potential that is life.

So there you go! Who knew that to discover your true nature, all you had to do was visit the  paint section of your local hardware store. My true colour, by the way? Summer Pecan with a hint of Coconut Cream. Delicious sounding, if I say so myself.

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