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Turning the Tide...

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The lowest ebb is the turn of the tide.  
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

South African’s recently celebrated Heritage Day with a lovely long weekend and it could not have been more welcome. With my dad just under half way through his cancer treatments and Kevin on standby in the midst of a massive maintenance shut down at work, we were like woo hoo, bring it on. Yeah, long weekend from hell, as it turned out. Without boring you with the details, Kevin worked, I worked pretty much the whole weekend and we had a 20-hour, freezer defrosting power cut on Sunday. Hard to cook lunch for the friends that were visiting from across country!

We got on with things, ate out, ran the generator but come Monday night, I was feeling neither rested not ready for the week ahead. While moseying around on Facebook, a friend shared a quote that one of the best lessons you can learn in life is to master how to remain calm. Yes, I thought. This shall be my motto for the week.

Tuesday morning. A 4.45 am phone call woke us. Not a standby engineer work crisis for Kevin, nope, it was an urgent perfume order. Lol, perfumes are rocking it this month! I got up, fed the dogs and went to defrost another batch of Colt’s food. In all the recharging that happens after an electricity outage, the freezer had accidentally been unplugged. The ‘already-dicey-raw-meat-from-the-20-hour-power-cut’ was once again defrosting.

I rose to the occasion. Adjusting my plans, I cleaned up the rather gruesome mess, chopped a huge pile of veggies and cooked dog food... all before my dad’s 10 am radiation treatment. While the dog food was bubbling away, I decided to carry on with my regular morning routine and do some YouTube yoga. Except I couldn’t. Because Kevin’s computer blew up, (with quite a bang, mind you), when we connected it to generator power. I staggered on, readjusting once again to accommodate reality, and reached for my gorgeous pink-candy-striped-hula-hoop. A few minutes of twirls one way, then I stopped and reversed direction.

That's when disaster struck. The first anti-clockwise spin I gave wasn’t good and the hula hoop slid down to the top of my thighs. For the record, guys, I never, EVER, drop a hula hoop and this day was NOT going to be the first. I gave a determined flick of my right hip followed by a technically sound wiggle of my left hip and I got that pink-candy-striped-hula-hoop right back up to where it should have been. I gotta tell you, I was stoked!

There’s something about believing you’ve got this that fills you up from the inside out. It changed my day. We give so much energy and attention to what’s wrong, to doubts about ourselves or fears of whether we have what it takes and it exhausts and limits us. But cheer-leading isn’t enough, we can’t just say, I’ve got this. It’s a start but there has to be some depth of meaning to the words.

All it takes to turn the tide is to value the small good things that we can and are already doing, no  matter how tiny or seemingly unimportant. Hula hooping being a case in point. Notice what you are managing and let that success nourish and build your confidence.

If all else fails? I recommend getting yourself a kick ass pink-candy-striped-hula-hoop and hula hula hoop, hula hula hoop!

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